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Sustainable Homes Melbourne are an innovative design and build company. As well as being environmentally conscious, our energy efficient building practices reduce utility bills and improve the quality of life and general well-being,

Our design team will create a beautiful home that caters to your needs and lifestyle with the best design practices in mind along the way.

With our cloud based construction software, you will be informed about the building process the whole way through. Let us show you how it works.

At Sustainable Homes Melbourne we do not cut corners, ever. We do not build sustainable homes because we ‘have to’. We build them because we believe in what we do – it is what we are about.

With your vision and our experience, much can be done to improve an existing home. We provide consultation and design of extensions and renovations. We will get to know and understand your existing home and how it can best benefit you. If you are looking to increase your homes energy efficiency and adapt it to your ever changing lifestyle needs our team of consultants and designs can guide you in the right direction. Together we can fulfill your home’s potential and turn your vision into reality.
Solar passive design has to be the simplest concept in home design. It’s all about designing a home to work with the environment rather than against it. These techniques were established thousands of years ago by the Greeks and Chinese and some how got lost in Western culture until after the first world war when Germany adopted the practice. A well designed Solar passive home can lower operating costs, create beautiful living environments while cutting your environmental impact.

With our extensive construction experience, we love the challenge of building on a difficult or sloping site. The construction process is not as simple as a flat site, but we are able to produce beautiful, split level homes with amazing views by maximizing the potential of the land that you have. A keen eye for detail and continuous communication with you will give us the ability to produce you an extraordinary home that will inspire.

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Sustainable Homes Melbourne did the renovation and extension to our period home.