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Sloping Block Builder

Memorable homes in unforgettable locations

The perfect location – a view, a bush block or hillside enclave – don’t be turned off by a block of land when you know it’s just where you want to live.

Building on sloping blocks is notoriously difficult and can leave some builders reeling, but that’s not the case with the team at Melbourne’s Sustainable Homes.

Our builders are experts in building a house on a sloping block and making sure you get your dream home in your dream location.

Forget about the issues associated with difficult sites and instead let Sustainable Homes Melbourne design your environmentally friendly home in a location that suits you.

With sloping block house designs ranging from split level to one storey and numerous other styles it’s up to you to decide what you are looking for in a home and then let us build your unique property.  There’s no need to be put off any block – Sustainable Homes are confident they can design a home for every location.

We’ve been working as leaders in the Melbourne building and design industry for many years and we are proud of our reputation as experts in sloping block house designs and builds.  We have built homes in places no other builder would attempt and the results are always breathtaking.

If you have found your perfect block but aren’t sure about the possibilities a design from Sustainable Homes will make your dreams a reality.  Email us at or call us today on 1800 683 697.

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SHM on 3AW 693 News Talk

Simon & Michael were exceptional throughout the build of our home. I was initially worried about the challenging design of the home and the access to the site, but this proved to be little issue throughout the build. They were very thorough in explaining everything to me from the paperwork side of things right through to final handover. At no point did they neglect to communicate with us and were extremely reliable. The job was done on time and to the standard they promised. I am still very proud to call this place home.