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Our Process

We know how hard it can be to communicate exactly what you want in your new home, that’s why we have developed a system of getting to know you and exactly what you are looking for in a home.
We love to help people turn their dreams into reality.
Sign in to get the “10 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE HOME” and arrange your free consultation.
We can take you through our building process first hand, walking you through step for step the way we take a concept and turn it into your dream home.
To help you get in your new home sooner let us get the ball rolling by getting the preliminary stage out of the way and your home designed just as you imagined.
We start this process off with a 2 hour workshop with our architects. This is designed to really get to know you and understand what is essential to you in a home.
It is important to get your design on paper at the earliest stage possible to ensure we cater to your needs and lifestyle.
This process may include;

  • Site inspection
  • Obtaining POS and site plan
  • An in depth design sketch from our experienced team of architects
  • Geotechnical reports and engineering
  • Preliminary Drafting and energy efficient report
  • Town planning approval (if required)

This process is designed so you have the best home imaginable.

By now we will know exactly how your new home will look and feel. We will know the homes characteristics and what additions the home will have. We will also have full knowledge of what the homes energy rating will be.

It is time to start construction.

At Sustainable Homes Melbourne we pride ourselves on keeping our customers informed every step of the way. We ensure our customers are sent an update of the progress of their new home each and every week. We ensure customers have full knowledge of whether or not their new home is on schedule and when a product must be selected by. This will eliminate delays and keep you involved.

At handover a representative from Sustainable Homes Melbourne will walk you through your new home and advise you on how to use all of its energy efficient and sustainable features to get the most value out of your new home. We insist on a month long maintenance period so you have no worries.

Welcome to your beautiful new home!

10 Things you must know before building a sustainable home

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I had the boys build me a couple of units. From the first meeting I knew I had the right builders. The process was stress free and I would highly recommend.