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Help or Hinder?

Posted on: October 6 2017

The ever evolving way of Humankind.

We used to live a far more sustainable way of life… Obviously!

Long before the Industrial Age and Information Age our planet was in no risk of Global warming or being over consumed.

In 2017 things are much different.

Humans have become so intelligent and advanced in ways of Industrialisation and computerisation there’s very little beyond our means to nurture or destroy, (the depths of the Ocean and Outer space still remain the exceptions).

Though, this is also to our detriment should our way of thinking not change.

The truly conscious ones amongst us consider where our world will be in 100 years or even longer. What species will be extinct? What rainforests will be gone? How many ocean dead zones there will be?

Most people find it difficult to grasp the much publicised beckoning extinction of the Elephant or Tiger when they are so far from home. How can I help or hinder from my humble abode in Melbourne?

But, it comes down to a ‘Mindset’ that’s been instilled in all of us from the days when almost everything was in abundance.
Our world has change drastically and our mindset it slow to catch up.

We here in Melbourne do have our own Endangered species to worry about…
The Critically Endangered Leadbeaters possum and the Tasmanian devil are among many in desperate need of our help.
For a full list of Australia’s extinct, endangered and critically endangered visit this Government link.

Not everyone has to step in as an Activist but we can all help in our own way with the everyday decisions and purchases we make and the purchase you make with the largest impact on our environment local and abroad is your home!

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