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Green Homes

Once you go green you will never go back and that is especially true with a green home designed by Sustainable Homes Melbourne.

With an expert building and design team, our green living homes are all designed with a true environmental focus.

Designed to fit into the natural surrounds, you can design a completely environmentally friendly property that suits your lifestyle and family.


Concentrating on water savings, minimising electricity use and smart heating and cooling, these green homes Australia are modular in design and will work on most housing blocks.

For years our eco design green homes in Melbourne have become more and more sustainable with an ecological focus on creating homes that last without the impact on the environment.

For families already focusing on sustainability a green home is the natural extension.  It’s time to team your lifestyle with a truly green living home and reap all the healthy rewards.

Call the Melbourne team today on 1800 683 697 to begin a conversation about building your very own green home.

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