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Environmentally Friendly Houses

Bringing environmentally friendly to your housing design

If you are looking to build an eco-green home that stands out in the all the right ways then a design from Sustainable Homes could be just the thing.

Building environmentally friendly houses in Melbourne’s landscapes that are focussed on reducing carbon emissions and minimising impact on climate change, these green homes are designed with sustainability in mind.

Rain water tanks, energy efficient fittings and lighting and where possible using recycled products – if an environmentally friendly home is important to you then Melbourne’s Sustainable Homes are your perfect building partner.

The team behind Sustainable Homes are truly committed to protecting our environment.  Their eco designs look to compliment the location of the property and are custom made to ensure all family sections are catered for.

Bush blocks, beachside, hilly acres, Melbourne has it all – our environmentally friendly house designs will have an option for any location.  We understand that discerning home builders may be looking for the whole package with their green home and property.

Sustainable Homes have years of experience in designing homes to Melbourne’s standards for people who truly care about the environment.  Not only will you get a home that will last the test of time but also one you can proudly say is future proofing our environment.

Don’t hesitate – call Sustainable Homes today on 1800 683 697 and begin the process of turning your life green.

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