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Building Biology

Originating from Germany, Building Biology is a science that provides a holistic examination of the built environment and provides realistic solutions to create buildings that support the mind, body and soul.

Building Biology considers all aspects of the indoor environments in which we live and work for an average of 90% of our lives. The buildings in which we live and work should support and enhance the well-being of everyone in that building. Building Biology isn’t an additional luxury item for only a few, but will form the foundation of our health and future building activities worldwide.

But what exactly does Building Biology cover and what does Building Biologist do? How can Building Biologist help you designing a healthy home?

Accredited Building Biologist Triin-Liis Harma from House Healing Solutions will fill you in through four information booklets.

In her first booklet, you will find answers to the above questions. It also offers some expert advice on how to select a site and to determine the optimal building layouts while minimising geopahtic stress. Lastly it highlights a list of things to look out for when it comes to Building Materials and Furnishings selections.

In the remaining booklets, Triin shares her extensive knowledge of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields), Drinking Water, Allergens and Chemicals gained from formal academic training as well as hands-on consulting and auditing projects.

Keen to create a healthier home? Get all the remaining booklets now!

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