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Build Cambodia

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In recent years, civil war and genocide have left Cambodia as one of the poorest countries in the world. This has seen many Cambodians on the brink of starvation and homelessness.


People affected by poverty in Cambodia have a very low, or no income at all. This leaves children malnourished and families with little food, clean water or sanitation. Build Cambodia aims to assist in breaking this cycle of poverty.


During 2018, Build Cambodia has committed to providing the money to build a much-needed house for a family in one of the poorest villages outside Siem Reap. Build Cambodia aims is to raise AUD$7,000 to achieve this goal.


Before                                                                           After

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SHM on 3AW 693 News Talk

Simon & Michael were exceptional throughout the build of our home. I was initially worried about the challenging design of the home and the access to the site, but this proved to be little issue throughout the build. They were very thorough in explaining everything to me from the paperwork side of things right through to final handover. At no point did they neglect to communicate with us and were extremely reliable. The job was done on time and to the standard they promised. I am still very proud to call this place home.