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Design a Sustainable Home

Using sustainable housing materials and features, Melbourne specialist eco builders Sustainable Homes design ecofriendly homes to suit families and individuals.

The sustainable buildings are custom designed to reduce carbon emissions and limit the impact on the surrounding environment.

As specialists in the eco home building market, the Melbourne team at Sustainable Homes have a full design service to assist home builders make decisions on how to ensure their ecofriendly home suits all their needs.

Don’t just ask what is a sustainable home?  Instead let us really show you what we can do.   With your Sustainable Home you can design and plan your home to have:

  • Low voltage electricity usage
  • Environmentally friendly lighting options
  • Water tanks
  • Recycled materials

Our designs are created to be sustainable & functional homes that are comfortable and of course environmentally friendly.  We pride ourselves on creating liveable homes in Melbourne that have additional feature/s which are so important in creating a sustainable future and community.

To start designing your Sustainable Home eco property call 1800 683 697 or email and start the conversation about your green home of the future.

10 Things you must know before building a sustainable home

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